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Cathy’s Bookkeeping Service helps small businesses and individuals manage their finances. Our services include thorough tax preparation and filing, bookkeeping, payroll services and more. We aim to ensure you’re confident when tax season rolls around and that your business’ day-to-day financial picture is clear. Contact our tax consultants today to schedule a consultation.

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Up-to-Date, Organized Bookkeepers

Everyone has to file taxes and every small business needs a good bookkeeper. Unfortunately, not everyone is a financial expert! That’s where Cathy’s Bookkeeping Service comes in. We know you’re not spending hours and hours getting yourself familiar with new tax laws or learning the nuances of a bookkeeper’s work in Roswell, NM. We’re here to do these things for you!

As a leader in tax and payroll companies, our services are geared towards individuals and small businesses of all types. Whether you’ve got a single W2 to file for personal taxes or your business needs robust, real-time bookkeepers in Roswell, NM, we’re on the job. Our only goal is to give you peace of mind by delivering thorough, reliable service. We’ll make sure every deduction is explored and everything in your taxes is complete, so you’re able to file confidently. Let us minimize your individual tax burden or file your business’ quarterly taxes in a timely manner.

No two tax situations are identical. Why should our services be? Our services are always individualized to meet your needs. From filing taxes to setting up new employee payroll, we give your financial situation the specific attention it needs. Let our tax consultants put your anxiety to rest and replace it with cool confidence that your taxes and payroll are being handled right.

  • Individualized Services
    Our services are tailored around individuals and small businesses. We take the time to make sure your unique financial needs are addressed.
  • Full-Service Accounting Service
    We’re a full-service accounting firm with the ability to provide payroll, tax preparation, tax services and more.
  • Hablamos español!
    Our bilingual team will make sure the lines of communication are open at all times, so there’s no confusion or misunderstanding.
  • Detailed & Organized
    We pride ourselves on being incredibly organized and thorough in the work we do. We make sure every detail is correct when it comes to your taxes or business’ payroll.
  • Always Knowledgeable
    We continue to stay up-to-date and familiar with all changing tax laws. We’ll make sure you have the lowest tax burden possible when it comes time for you to file.

Get Efficient Tax Consultant Help

Put your taxes and business’ bookkeepers’ services in qualified hands. We’ll make sure your taxes are fully prepared, your books are always balanced and your employees are paid on time.

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